This Is Your Brain on goofus and gallant

This is a word I thought I’d never use to describe a dog. It’s a word I use for anything that makes me laugh. That’s also what I mean by it being gallant – a word I think about when I’m in a good mood. I mean it’s just a really fun word to use. I can say that the goofus and the gallant are two of my favorite things to say.

As it turns out, goofus is a word I think I used a lot when I was a kid. I can say that the goofus is the dog that gets called up to the front lines. The one that gets the first real action. The one that is given the orders. The one that gets to be the first one to die.

While gallant is the dog that gets called up the front lines, it’s also a word that means “the last to die,” and the goofus is the last dog that gets called up. Gallant is usually used to describe a person or group of people who have succeeded in their mission, be it a war, a race, or any other life-or-death situation.

The goofus is that dog that gets called up a front lines, to be the last one up to be killed. The gallant is always that last to die. It’s not the last dog to die, nor is it the first one to die, but it’s the first one to get killed. It’s the dog that gets called up to the front lines, and is the first one a dog is told to kill. And it’s also the last to die.

The fun part about goofus and gallant is that its a game of life, death, and karma. The goofus and gallant are both dogs who know the meaning of karma, they know the importance of being the last one to die, and they know that they are not the last dog to die, and that death is a part of life, and they know they are the last dog to die.

The goofus and gallant was a game that had one player called up to the front lines and would have to kill the dog he came up against as the last dog to die. The dog was called Gallant because he was the dog to die, and the goofus was called a goofus because he was the last one to die. The goofus was a goofy dog, and the gallant was a dog that died.

The goofus and gallant was an old video game that ran on a time-traveling platform. It is still one of our most popular games, and it has a reputation for being the toughest dog game ever. It was also one of the first games to include a death mechanic, with players losing their dog if they died.

The weirdest part of the story is the beginning of the game, which is a good thing because everything looks very dated. The story has only a few sections, and the main character is a cute little boy named Jake. He’s not a good kid. He’s a grown guy. He’s been in a little kid’s playground for like five years now and it’s been fun to play around with his dog.

The game actually has a pretty decent story and a pretty decent plot. To be honest though, I was a little skeptical of the game since I found out that it was a really old thing that is still popular today. That might be because it is the oldest game in the world and the developers forgot to update it. But the game itself is actually pretty enjoyable, although it can be kind of dated.

It may be old, but goofus and gallant is really sweet. The game is an action platformer of sorts and is a fun way to play with your kid’s dog. It’s also a really fun way to see how your dog takes to playing sports with you. It’s just that you’ll need to be extra careful when you play with your dog. For starters, your dog may not be very good at sports.

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